South Africa’s Capetonians are Catching The Hiking Bug in 2022

South Africa's Capetonians are Catching The Hiking Bug in 2022

The Hiking Bug is continuing its unstoppable march across the planet, and the latest country to feel its incredible benefits is South Africa, particularly Cape Town.

In a time where we’re all constantly being told to avoid catching things, there’s one thing that probably every government on the planet and member of the scientific and medical community will be happy for you to catch, and that is The Hiking Bug.

A recent article published in South Africa’s Financial Mail sported the headline “Hiking Bug Bites South Africans”, and it’s hardly surprising given what the people’s of the world have been through during these past two years.

The constant stop/start and the imposed lockdowns and restrictions have caused many people worldwide to feel trapped. The result of this is spiralling mental health issues and loneliness, which has resulted in a longing to break free.

As the title of this piece suggests, we’re looking at the speed of The Hiking Bug in South Africa. The country’s Financial Mail has been talking to locals, and here’s what they’ve been saying.

“It’s like Canal Walk shopping centre on Christmas Eve.” That’s how Catherine Cartwright described the foot traffic on Lion’s Head, as Capetonians take to the hiking trails around the city.”

Catherine added, “Elsewhere, it’s similarly crowded. Going up Constantia Nek or Table Mountain is extraordinary — the mountains are crammed. I think it’s incredible. We want people to be healthy, to be outdoors and fit, and create space for physical meditation. It’s extraordinary that people are hiking in the numbers they are.”

Unfortunately, the full feature is only available to paid subscribers; however, we are sure you get the gist.

Here at The Hiking Bug, we think it’s fantastic that people are catching or have caught The Hiking Bug all over the world, and as we frequently say, it really is the one bug you want to catch!